A Seat Sack is a storage bag which slides over the back of a student’s chair. The pocket will provide convenient, personal, out-of-the way storage for all kinds of items and supplies and encourages the students to be organized. The Seat Sacks have been monogrammed with “Bogert Elementary School.”

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Seat Sack, Small, 12

A Seat Sack is a storage bag which slides over the back of a student’s chair.

The pocket will provide convenient, personal, out-of-the way storage for all kinds of items and supplies and encourages the students to be organized.

The Seat Sacks have been monogrammed with “Bogert Elementary School.”

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Here are the meeting minutes from our first USR PTO General Board meeting on September 23, 2020:



A special meeting of the members of the Executive Board (hereinafter, the “Board”) was held on Wednesday, September 23, 2020.  It commenced at 9:15 a.m. via Zoom meeting.   

Tena Makris recorded the minutes as Secretary of the Board.


Angelica Degenaars and Margie Apostolou served collectively as President of the Board and conducted and controllected the aforesaid meeting.  



Angelica Degenaars- Present

Margie Apostplou- Present

Gabrielle Jens- Present

Tena Makris- Present

Zoey Tsoucaris- Present

Sherika Medina- Present

Jennifer Waldbaum- Present

Joseph Inclan- Present

Leandra Galasso- Present

Luz Terranova- Present

Lauren Brusco- Present


The meeting opened up  by our Co-President Angelica Degenaars by thanking all who attended and informing that this is how our monthly board meetings will be held via zoom until the health crisis is under control, praising and thanking board members for the WELCOME BACK CHALK work done at Reynolds, Bogert and Cavalli Schools.  They also expressed the schools graditude for welcoming students and teachers back with inspirational and cheerful messages.  


A BIG THANK YOU to Kloe Klein

MASKS and CHAINS can be purchased through the PTO website. Each school- Reynolds, Bogert and Cavallini will have their own color and school logo.  Encourage families to show their school spirit by purchasing masks and chains.

Dr. Siegal:

Phase 11 Opportunity of Switch Hybird/Remote Options

The district is preparing for Phase 11 of the “Return to School Plan” to navigate this health crisis.  This will involve minor adjustments to our current operations based on feedback from our Pandemic Response Teams.  The district will not be making any substantial changes to the school day schedule or delivery of instruction/services.  However, larger changes are possible for Phase 11 November 30 through January 15 depending on our local and state conditions.  

Effective on October 19, 2020, families may select a different learning environment, either choosing to switch from all remote instruction to the hybrid model or vice versa.  The district can not accommodate a change between AM and PM sessions because our schedules are highly constrained.  Families have the option to switch between remote and hybrid learning.  If choosing this,  families must complete a sent link form that is due Friday, October 2, 2020, 


Mr. Custer:

Welcomed and expressed his appreciation for the donated PTO sponsored lunch to his teachers and staff, the welcome balloons and welcome chalk art were also greatly appreciated.  Mr. Custer also echoed Dr. Siegel’s feedback by adding that our schools are a safe environment through the virus standpoint.  He thanks everyone's help and support.   

Mr. Custer then added that his team of teachers and staff are thinking of creative ways to help with socialization especially for those who are new to town. 

Cavalli will hold their PICTURE DAY FEBRUARY 9, 2021 and agreed pushing back date was a good decision


Mr. Kaplan

Opened up by welcoming and thanks Joseph and Lassandra as Bogerts Vice Presidents.  He also expressed his gratitude for the donated PTO sponsored lunch for his teachers and staff, the welcome chalk art brightens up their environment.  

Mr. Kaplan reported that last week he had a Pandemic response team meeting and everything went smoothly from safety and instructional measures.  Mr. Kaplan is optimistic by the success of how our school is running with proper protocols, he feels we are in a very good place.  

He also added that tomorrow, September 24, 2020, is Bogerts Virtual Curriculum Night via zoom.  He’s excited to see everyone and wishes everyone a happy and safe school year.     

Mrs. Severs: 



Jennifer Waldbaum discussed:   Pizza teams are set, however, given our current  situation, in- school lunches are postponed for now but teams will be ready to go once lunches are allowed to resume with in-school lunches. VPS must be at the first week of PIZZA and DELI LUNCHES.   

Due to our current situation with the COVID pandemic, DELI/PIZZA LUNCHES, Angelica Degenaars suggested that the PTO could possibly give to students as they leave school for their session their packaged lunches. Students who are virtual, can be delivered.  This topic was spoken about briefly but will be revisited for our next meeting discussion.  

Angelica Degenaars stated that the PTO WEBSITE has been updated welcoming all EXECUTIVE BOARD MEMBERS for 2020-2022.  



Gabrielle Jens reported there are 134 families currently.  Our family numbers are on track from last school year but ALL board members are encouraged to recruit more families that are not current members.  Being a member allows families to participate in PTO events/functions.    

All EXECUTIVE BOARD MEMBERS are encouraged/constant reminders to inform families to become members in order to volunteer and help our school with various fundraisers, chair school events, and help serve lunches.  CLass parents must have renewed membership for the school year of 2020-2021 in order to fulfill the policy of memberships/class parent roll. b



Angelica Degenaars reported that Karen Muller reached out to possibly do Halloween theme ideas virtual: best dressed, most original etc.  The board appreciated the suggestion but will continue understanding how to navigate this fairly.  

Angelica Degenaars and Margie Apostplou announced Wednesday, October 14, 2020, will a FAMILY DINNER NIGHT-curbside pick up.    

 Angelica Degenaars shared PICTURE DAY is POSTPONED until February 2021 and may be only for 8th grade- yearbook pictures.

Angelica Degenaars proposed the possibility of having WEEKLY Friday dinner as fundraisers.  A possible start date is the end of September.  



Our GENERAL BOARD MEETING is set for Wednesday, October 21, 2020. 

Next EXECUTIVE BOARD MEETING is set for  Wednesday, October 7  , 2020. 

No further questions. Meeting adjourned by our Co-President Angelica Degenaars at 10:36 am. 


Zoom link below:


Password: g.kyb3bP