The USR PTO contributes approximately $90,000 to our schools annually to enhance our children's educational experience.
Our fundraising starts each year with you and your contribution via an annual membership.
Membership also includes a copy of the USR School Directory.

Thank you for your continued support of our organization and our efforts in the school district.

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Seat Sack, Small, 12

A Seat Sack is a storage bag which slides over the back of a student’s chair.

The pocket will provide convenient, personal, out-of-the way storage for all kinds of items and supplies and encourages the students to be organized.

The Seat Sacks have been monogrammed with “Bogert Elementary School.”

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The USR PTO is excited to sponsor the sale of the Reynolds Rockets t-shirts!

These tees are a great way to show school spirit!

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Upper Saddle River PTO Executive Board

  Margie Apostolou, Co-President

  Angelica Degenaars, Co-President

  Zografia (Zoey) Tsoucaris, Treasurer

  Gabrielle Jens, Membership Vice President

  Tena Makris, Board Secretary

  Luz Terranova, Cavallini Vice President

  Lauren Brusco, Cavallini Vice President

  Leandra Galasso, Bogert Vice President

  Joseph Suarez Inclan, Bogert Vice President

  Sherika Medina, Reynolds Vice President

  Jennifer Waldbaum, Reynolds Vice President
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